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By Eleanor 23 February 2022

My partner and I were looking to make a tenants in common agreement before shifting in together and were despairing over the cost and complexity of using traditional firms. I'm no lawyer - but my partner is (defence) - and we were both stumped as to how to navigate property law. This template and review service saved both our wallets and our sanity!

The brief template was instantly available for download upon payment and was easy to use and understand. We paid for the document review service as well, which was completed quickly (2 days) and with incredibly helpful notes from the reviewer who made sure we both fully understood what we were editing/signing. Even though we only needed it once, this review service was available as many times as required throughout the editing process, which I thought was great value for money and served to further solidify the 'water-tightness' of our agreement.

The only thing I'd recommend changing is making how to access the review service once you've paid for it a little clearer. From my perspective it would be more intuitive to have a 'review now' type button/submit page next to the request reference on the 'All requests" page. Very minor though - easily solved by emailing the generic contact address.

I honestly don't know why anyone in our position would ever go to a traditional firm and pay their exorbitant fees. Can't recommend this service enough.

By Tony Cox 21 December 2021

I used Netlawman but the document didnt exactly suit what we needed. When I explained this I was fully refunded within 48 hours for the full amount. I was impressed. It is a no risk service, if you get what you need its very cost effective, and if you dont, you do not risk paying for something you can not use.


Tony Cox

By Claire 18 November 2021

The documents were got for our coffee machine rental were easy to understand and the reviewer was easy to work with to finish off so we could use them. Thank you

By Natalia Brown 30 September 2021

I have used Net Lawman service first time and I am very pleased with it.
It was hesitation and uncertainty (my side) from the beginning but after a few days of permanent! communication (by email) with clarity and explanations, politeness and huge patience of Net Lawman I have bought a template of the document.
After I decided to order a review service, it was easy and no problem.
After all, just two days later I received the needed document - perfectly professionally made!
I have already signed it with a second party lawyer.
AND! I have saved $2,500!
All process is very easy, quick, professional, huge value for money.
Definitely recommend Net Lawman.
Very thankful customer.

By Workwise 24 June 2021

We are a small charitable organisation in New Zealand, with very limited funding, but very high standards of professionalism. We needed to create a contract template for our many independent contractors who do projects for us. NZ government services do not provide advice about such employment situations. So we were stuck.
As a last resort we bought an inexpensive template from Net.Lawman, and then received a polite offer to help us further. The price was clear up front so we could confidently go ahead. We sent Net.Lawman our best draft, and were promptly offered very clear advice and edits, sound legal opinion, and even better, a clean copy of our contract ready to go!
We cannot speak highly enough of the value and professionalism of the Net.Lawman team, and we will unhesitatingly use their services again.

By Daniel 03 June 2021

Thank you for your fast efficient service. The end result was very professional and simply understood. It amounted to good value. Your helpful professionals are to be commended.

By Colonic Inner Health 24 April 2021

i am very satisfied with your service
the person who is looking after me is very very helpful and this is even more challenging because English is not my first language
...Courtesy and helpfulness
Knowledge of subject
Clarity of explanations
Speed and efficiency
Value for money

By Rajshri Roy 11 March 2021

This was a great service. We wanted a property relationship tenants in common agreement and our solicitors were going to charge over a grand for the same. This service not only provided us with a template but also reviewed our agreement and provided feedback.

By Jan Maree Cleaning Services Ltd 20 July 2020

I found the service, speed of corrections to contract great. Price to deal with this was very reasonable. Will use service again.

By Jo 17 June 2020

Very helpful to have the original document to provide the options and thinking around individual aspects of the agreement. The follow up review was very professional, with a good knowledge shown, easy to understand changes and suggestions and an efficient turn around. Knowing there are pitfalls in undocumented agreements ... this option gives value for money confidence going forward.

By Russell Grubner 10 March 2020

This is the third time I've used Netlawman's service. Obviously that means I like it. From my questions asking advice for which document to use, to the editing & return of the document, I've found the company easy to work with. Those I have had correspondence with have been pleasant & respectful, clear advice and the service is very fast. Great value for money. I'll be back...

By Nomadtika Finishing Ltd 30 October 2019

Net lawman were very helpful. They know what they are doing as I was using the wrong document and they kindly helped me and rewrote a new one for me. They were great at helping me understand as I have little legal knowledge. Would definitely use them again.

By DSC Group Ltd 02 September 2019

This is my second experience using your service. Choosing the correct template to start with was a bit onerous - because there were actually so many options in the area we needed. But once we chose one, it was a relatively painless process to modify and adapt it to our needs. We had constant contact from your staff to check on our progress. The whole thing took less than a week from start to finish including your review of our final draft. The savings in cost is staggering compared to getting a local law firm to create a document like this from scratch. We will continue to use your service for our contract needs where templates are available.

By Echo Guo 09 May 2019

Very responsive and professional team. Good communication and great value for money.

By Russell Grubner 26 February 2019

I was initially nervous about using an on line service but you have allayed my fears with your prompt and courteous reply to my queries and in a way that this layman could understand. I appreciated the speed of document review & the 'track change mode' makes it easy to see and understand why each clause were altered. And to top it all off, all this service for considerably less than what my local legal service charges me. I will not hesitate to use your service again.

By Herman Van Wyk 13 December 2018

Courtesy and helpfulness - very much so Knowledge of subject - more than enough for my requirements.
Clarity of explanations - very good and to the point
Speed and efficiency - best I have experienced in a long time
Professionalism - very professional
Value for money - great value for money

By Fred Power 02 November 2017

I was very impressed with the quality of the Agreement as well as the speed taken in its preparation. I was also impressed by you providing a reference to a statute that could have a bearing on the use of the Agreement. I would definitely recommend.

By TriangleColours 14 September 2017

I have had a surprisingly pleasant experience with Net Lawman. Their responses were quick and helpful. How they expressed their willingness to help made me assured the choice I made that I chose Net Lawman. Thank you so much.

By Graham Hart 11 December 2018

Great service fairly quick and easy to use. I ended up with a good quality contract at about 20% of the cost of contacting a lawyer. Would definitely use again.