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By Nomadtika Finishing Ltd 30 October 2019

Net lawman were very helpful. They know what they are doing as I was using the wrong document and they kindly helped me and rewrote a new one for me. They were great at helping me understand as I have little legal knowledge. Would definitely use them again.

By DSC Group Ltd 02 September 2019

This is my second experience using your service. Choosing the correct template to start with was a bit onerous - because there were actually so many options in the area we needed. But once we chose one, it was a relatively painless process to modify and adapt it to our needs. We had constant contact from your staff to check on our progress. The whole thing took less than a week from start to finish including your review of our final draft. The savings in cost is staggering compared to getting a local law firm to create a document like this from scratch. We will continue to use your service for our contract needs where templates are available.

By Echo Guo 09 May 2019

Very responsive and professional team. Good communication and great value for money.

By Russell Grubner 26 February 2019

I was initially nervous about using an on line service but you have allayed my fears with your prompt and courteous reply to my queries and in a way that this layman could understand. I appreciated the speed of document review & the 'track change mode' makes it easy to see and understand why each clause were altered. And to top it all off, all this service for considerably less than what my local legal service charges me. I will not hesitate to use your service again.

By Herman Van Wyk 13 December 2018

Courtesy and helpfulness - very much so Knowledge of subject - more than enough for my requirements.
Clarity of explanations - very good and to the point
Speed and efficiency - best I have experienced in a long time
Professionalism - very professional
Value for money - great value for money

By Fred Power 02 November 2017

I was very impressed with the quality of the Agreement as well as the speed taken in its preparation. I was also impressed by you providing a reference to a statute that could have a bearing on the use of the Agreement. I would definitely recommend.

By TriangleColours 14 September 2017

I have had a surprisingly pleasant experience with Net Lawman. Their responses were quick and helpful. How they expressed their willingness to help made me assured the choice I made that I chose Net Lawman. Thank you so much.

By Graham Hart 11 December 2018

Great service fairly quick and easy to use. I ended up with a good quality contract at about 20% of the cost of contacting a lawyer. Would definitely use again.