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By Cheque Book 13 July 2018

It was reallt well written and easy to change to suit our needs, i would highly recommend Lawman !!!

By Anthony Hill 01 May 2016

just what i needed.

By Jill Bradley 04 May 2014

I was very pleased with the service, all of it. Thank you!

By Helga Sheppard 13 March 2017

The document was easy to use and very helpful, but I do feel that there could perhaps have been a better explanation about other bits of legislation such as the Contractual Remedies Act. Highly recommend this service.

By Bruce Easton 11 December 2015

"Service and ease of acquisition superb. Never any issues and a VG process, have used it on a few occasions. [5 Stars here]

However the document itself was out of date with legislation, lacked references, and was silent on other matters of consumer law. It took me approx an hour on the web to update, amend and knock the doc into shape."

Net Lawman responds 04 January 2016

As we have now explained to you, this document is not drawn for use in the motor trade but for a private agreement. Consumer protection law is therefore innapplicable. We make this clear on the page from which you bought.

By John 16 October 2020

Too complex, all those pages, would kill a deal. All it needs is a single page which i drafted up myself. Waste of money

Net Lawman responds 16 October 2020

We understand. If you're the seller, putting any contract in front of a buyer might make the buyer hesitant.

A document isn't for everyone. You can sell the vehicle as seen, but if you don't, you run the risk that the buyer comes back to you if a fault arises. That risk might be worth taking in order to make a deal.

You can edit this document down, particularly if you're selling for cash and you're happy to take out the terms that protect the other side.