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By Jim 03 June 2020

Easy to access and use. Appropriate for the task of buying a business

By Warwick Bainbridge 12 October 2018

The Business Sale Agreement highlighted often overlooked detail in the Seller Warranty area.

I worked through and ended with a draft which I thought was comprehensive.

Because the Settlement and various requirements to register changes ( e.g. assignment of lease, clearance of PPSR ‘s by Seller) I forwarded my draft to my solicitor who reacted to the perceived complexities of reading, understanding 45 pages, and said the standard Law Society form would have more successful and perhaps simpler for a Seller to understand.

I agreed and gave instruction for my lawyer to prepare a standard Law Society Agreement “ provided it covers all the finer points which I identified and had included in your draft format.

What I did gain from the experience was how many hours are taken to “mark up” an agreement.

Thanks for your service. I may well use it again for Contract of Service in the coming weeks.

Net Lawman responds 13 October 2018

Thanks for your review. We hope you do use another Net Lawman document soon.

We wanted to provide some comments in response to yours...

We don't know what your edited document looks like, so we can't easily comment on whether the standard Law Society template would have been more suitable. Unedited, our agreement is 23 pages long, with another 13 pages for the schedules (mainly the warranties). It is one of our longer agreements. However, every point is included for a reason - to give the buyer protection where he or she might otherwise not have it. We also intend that you take our template and edit it by deleting the parts that aren't relevant. We've tried to consider everything you might need, knowing that you will not use it all.

A solicitor will nearly always suggest that he or she redraws the agreement for you, whether it is a business sale agreement or a separation agreement. Many will refuse to act for you unless they draw the agreement. The reason is that the drafting part of the total work for you contains the majority of the profit element. Where possible, when a customer's solicitor has criticised a document, we ask for feedback from the solicitor. It is nearly always unspecific and vague.

We're glad that you did find the document useful. Even if you did have it rewritten by a solicitor, it should have saved you money because it would have formed the basis of your instructions to your solicitor. Our documents can be as useful for understanding the issues around the transaction as for creating the final agreement.

By Chris Parker 21 June 2016

This is a very easy document to use and modify as needed, everything is explained as it should be and I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone looking for this type of document.

Will definitely use Net Lawman again when needed.

By Kevin Byrne 02 December 2014

We found the process to be easy and the documentation explained the setup of the contract well. Should we require further legal documentation we will use you again.

By Jonathan Jimmink 30 November 2013

We liked the way that the numbering changed if you deleted a part that didn't apply to this business. Very easy to use.

By Gilbert Peterson 07 March 2017

I appreciated the plain English very much and its good that the document is so comprehensive since it required me to think of things I wouldn't have otherwise even though some of it did not apply in this case.

By Gayelene Woodcock 20 March 2016

Covered everything we needed in plain English but GST part needs updating and should have option "plus GST if any". We liked the way the numbering updated if you deleted or added a particular clause/part.

By Thomas Pape 29 April 2013

Easy to use, clear and included everything I needed