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By David 06 September 2021

Very informative document

By Gordon Sanders 25 October 2019

I found the checklist for estate details and related information to be recorded as a source of information to assist the executor(s) of a will to be very comprehensive. Most useful.

By Rosena Shields 20 May 2019

Efficient and served my purpose many thanks.

By Kristine Saunders 09 May 2019


By Joanne Mackay 02 May 2019


By Joy Rogers 08 April 2019

This is very helpful for people like me who require a basic list of what is required when compiling a will.
Thank you

By Antonia Elliott 29 March 2019

Seemed to ve very thorough. Made me consider a few things I hadn't thought about.

By SUILAAN QUEDLEY 08 December 2018

Very informative and helpful from a NZ perspective

By Liz Irvine 05 November 2018

It overs everything that an Executor needs to know and I was shocked at the little things that I havent written down now I will have all in one place.

By SUILAAN QUEDLEY 23 October 2018

This document made me more informed to make a decision - just what I needed.

By Anne Elwell 20 September 2018

Fabulous documentation just what we needed.

By Elizabeth Wilson 27 June 2018


By Vicki Amai 21 June 2018

Found it really useful. Not knowing what to expect...yet this allowed mum and i to focus on what needed to be sorted and put in place. Very good.
Thank you

By Chris Rodliffe 19 June 2018

A friend was looking to make a will. Eventually decided that she should probably consult a solicitor. However I printed out the documents checklist and gave it to her, it will certainly be very useful to her as a guide/reminder for all the information she needs to make a record of.

By Tim Neumegen 28 March 2018

I looked at many online document services and this was the best. The preview showed what I was going to get, many were just the title before I bought. The notes at the end of how to fill it in gave me a lot of confidence. I am really happy with my purchase and will be buying more.

By Suzanne McConnell 23 March 2018

It was free to download and had everything in it i needed.

By Eddie Powles 24 September 2017

Excellent...everybody should have these documents

By Brian Clark 04 September 2017

Well I must explain I was really only interested in making sure I would get the verbage for my own will sorted without missing anything important out.
The information you provided did help me.
My biggest concern was how well your recommendations complied with NZ Law.
I'm not a solicitor but as far as I could tell there was no problem.

By Kathryn Bates 17 August 2017

Thank you, it was a great basis for my own personal information. One small idea to include would be a table where you can fill in your own funeral wishes, such as burial or cremation, whether you have pre- or partially paid for a funeral, music you would like played, where you would like your ashes spread or the burial plot number.

Otherwise, it was great!

By Pam Kupenga 11 July 2017


By Anna Lu 12 April 2017

Very valuable and helpful information!!

By Trudie Adams 26 February 2017

The document for the executors was very informative and had things on there that I would never of thought of. I would definitely recommend Net Lawman to others.

By Patrick Pedlow 29 January 2017

As my circumstances are somewhat difficult I may need to go to a solicitor, However the information was helpful.

By Michelle Mortlock 21 February 2016

Perfect for what I wanted

By RenaMay Hough 08 February 2016

The document answered every question I had. I believe the document is excellent the way it is