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By David 28 May 2020

Easy to use template with everything we needed. Great service.

By Alan Henry 20 May 2019

I thought the document was extremely useful. The notes were clear and easy to follow, so that common sense could rule the day. Brilliant.

By Raewyn Carey 01 May 2016

It covered everything so you could just take out the bits that did not apply to your own situation and gives you peace of mind that you have not missed anything.

By Steve Brocklebank 08 July 2021

I arranged the purchase of this on behalf of a client who will be completing the lease document for review. I haven't had any response from them yet, but I'll keep this in my inbox and respond in future.

By Richard Howard 30 September 2018

Service was perfect. No hassles with download or purchase. Happy with the price.
Document was too verbose for my requirements, and needed much alteration for what I needed. Guidelines were easy to understand.