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By Marise Lincoln 24 February 2017

Was great and easy to use and happy with the price.

By Craig Hamilton 30 November 2015

A very in depth lease agreement, perfect for leasing between entities to ensure that the IRD are happy. It was a much cheaper option than involving a lawyer for such a stock standard low risk document.

By Richard Seymour-Wright 06 September 2015

A great document for the start of what I wanted (an aircraft lease).

Not being able to comment to much on the content, but it appeared to have what was necessary and tied up quite well with another lease document I had (was more comprehensive, though, which was excellent).

The process of finding the document through Google, and then reviewing and purchasing was excellent.

Easily recommend this service, and will probably use it again for other documents.

By Pamela Watson 23 June 2015

My concern with purchasing legal documents online , is that the documents content must pertain to NZ law. Given the time restraint for me to organise a lease agreement,I was pleased to find the document that suited my needs from Nett Lawman, not to mention the savings in legal fees.
I would definitely recommend Nett Lawman to others.