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By Corey 22 March 2021

Really well put together with good guidance and language for those that don't have a law background. It helped to have the suggestions (which are easily removed) just to know some unforeseen circumstances are covered. Extremely well priced which was a determining factor for purchase.

By Roger Bolam 26 April 2019

A really good document. A bit more formal than required for our scenario as an agreement with friends so I spent a few hours modifying it and removing a lot of the legalese. My background is in law so this wasn’t difficult although it was time consuming. I’m still very grateful to have had your document to start with as a well thought out precedent. Thank you!

By Quentin Doig 22 January 2019

I found the boat sharing document contained all necessary information to enable my partners and I to prepare a comprehensive agreement which covered all our needs.

By Paul Gibbard 27 September 2018

Good document and good value. Comprehensive and well explained with useful different options to select.

By Wendy Baverstock 07 July 2013

Really great - document well set out and easy to format. Really good service and a cheaper option than getting a lawyer to draft it from scratch!

By Bruce Gabites 08 June 2017

Boat sharing agreement has no spaces for date or witness by final signatures

Net Lawman responds 08 June 2017

Only signatures to deeds need to be witnessed - not those to contracts such as this one. This document doesn't need to be witnessed. The date is given on the first page.