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By Garry Larsen 29 May 2021

As far as I can see no improvement needed.

By Satish 21 June 2020

Easy to use... worth the money

By B.J.G . HASLER T/a C-rius Security 08 May 2020

I rated it highly because it provided ease of dealing with a matter expediently and a timely fashion given the Covid-19 Alert status it provided me with the opportunity to arrange a new boarder for a landlord who was struggling financially and needed the additional income immediately to ease their financial position. Having a document that could be ready within minutes in the Covid-19 environment meant the stress financial hardship causes was alleviated and both Parties issues resolved. "A kill 2 birds with one stone scenario" within 12 hours of deciding to utilise Net Lawman services. 12 hours simply because that was the time I needed to complete the document dot the I's cross the T's and have both Parties peruse the agreement and accept it with Signatures.
At the time of writing this I have had 4 referrals all requesting me to duplicate the same for them. Awesome just wish I had the time to accommodate them.
Would I change this document? (outside of dates names and a few minor personal adjustment specifically for anyone) Not Even
Oh thinking about maybe perhaps one "Provision to remind the landlord to obtain some form of Photo I.D say "The Photo I.D the boarder will provide is: Drivers Licence - Passport- Fire Arms Licence- Access Hospo Card

Bronek J.G .Hasler
C-rius Security

By Diane Lynnette Lord 02 December 2019

It was just what I needed and easy to change. Thank you.

By Julie Bukutu 12 November 2019

Really easy to use and fill out.

By ABHIJEET VINIT Ram 27 March 2019

All information was in the documents

By Mark Ensom 05 April 2017


By Stephen Toman 02 February 2017

An excellent service thanks, a mere $19 and I have what I need.

By Linda Farr 09 May 2016

The document was able to be changed to suit my specific needs for the lodger.
It covered more information than I expected and so made the (contract) more specific and therefore better clarity for both parties.

By Isobel Ford 10 September 2015

"Immediately accessible.Easy to understand. Easy to edit. Useful user notes. Thanks - this was just what I needed for the circumstances & there did not seem to be anything else available when I did an internet search.
Reduce the line spacings to single line spacings with 0pnt before & after. Let the user put in extra line spacings for clarity if they wish otherwise you end up with too many pages.

Suggest in user notes that the user saves the edited agreement as a pdf if they are going to share it electronically for the lodgers reference."

Net Lawman responds 05 October 2015

Good ideas on format issues. We try to keep it very simple because many customers are not good with word processing and those who are, like you, know how to get what layout you want.

By Christine 14 April 2021

The document had 85% of the information I required, I just needed to make slight adjustments for boarders who are a couple and occupying self contained multi rooms.
The document was easy to adjust to suit my personal requirements, easy to understand and invaluable for my circumstances. Thank You. Will definitely use your service when required in the future.

By Peter Wood 27 July 2019

Service and product good overall. Is fairly long but does have good instruction to refer to.
Main concern was if the product would meet my needs.
Fair price.
Getting an acceptable legal lodger agreement.
Have not tested it but would think so.
Yes, as an online accessible legal source.

By Sarah Turk 07 January 2019

This document provided an excellent starting point and is fairly comprehensive.

By Niall Baker 12 July 2018


By Shirley Collins 08 June 2017

It was great thanks. Just what I needed and great to buy online and good help sheets, have recommended you to others.

By Shesadev Sahoo 23 September 2016

The letter head needs to be more professional looking, may be needed a place where we can upload a logo of business or photo

Net Lawman responds 11 October 2016

This is a legal agreement, not a letter. Of course you can format it as you wish - on a letterhead or in any other way.

By Rod Crocker 14 February 2014