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By Belinda Cox 16 February 2016


By Neil Sutton 11 July 2013

Wonderfully easy to understand and pertinent document. Great! two parties can modify and delete the text to reach a fair agreement and I liked the fact that we have 60 days to accomplish this. The explanatory notes are a good idea. Being able to access a legal document without involving expensive professionals makes it a winner.

By Patricia Metcalf 17 June 2013

Plain English, easy to read and understand.I am impressed with your lease It was a good price and would be happy to use the service again.

By Kirstine Hintz 13 May 2013

Easy to use. Good descriptions of what the rights and obligations meant.

By Douglas Agnew 19 March 2020

The shop agreement was comprehensive and although I made changes it was rather lengthy.

By Medadane Kipa 03 December 2017

Don't know much at all about this, brand new to it all but it seems pretty good and like it covers all bases! :-)

By Dennis Hanson 04 August 2013

Great service , very impressed and easy to use.very happy.I would recommend your service to save on solicitors fees.

Net Lawman responds 03 September 2013

We hoped you would use because our documents are the best!