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By Janice White 15 April 2017

I have no suggestions to improve your easy download process. I decided to buy because you are a NZ Law Firm. Document still to be used, I am sure that it will be adequate. Yes, I certainly would for this type of document, much more economical than attending Lawyers offices.

By Rhondda Beddis 25 September 2014

By Winston Pond 23 December 2013

It met the purpose of giving us a good alternative to a complicated one drawn up by a local lawyer.

Net Lawman responds 09 January 2014

I hope this is not tempting providence, in 12 years, no customer has ever told us of any litigation, let alone suggested we were at fault.

By Gwyneth 29 June 2020

The document is high standard and really easy to use/edit to suit individual requirements. And the price is very reasonable. Thank you

By Kathy Moy 14 December 2016

Easy to follow and edit.

By Megan Tyre 20 April 2016

The document was clear to read and the notes really helped in making decisions easy. A couple of clauses were a bit legal jargon heavy for us to understand. However, it saved us a fortune and we were able to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and have a lawyer witness it for us for free. I could never have afforded to have a personally-tailored document drawn up otherwise. I have suggested my partner uses you for his will.


By Neil Curgenven 25 June 2014

The document was very useful, the service was good.I had no 'concerns' i was looking for a document to guide me through, this did.The price was okay, the document met my requirements.It was comprehensive. I now have a better understanding of my situation through using this document .Yes!

By Richard Holland 27 November 2017

the document itself is good but trying to get a lawyer to sign it for you (and partner) even if you have a sound understanding of the agreement is very difficult. The legalised theives in Christchurch where I am get very annoyed when they see the opportunity to gouge thousands of dollars from a client, suddenly evaporate. Lawman should assist their clients solve this problem without delay.The comment given by another customer (Megan ) was lucky to get CAB Auckland to assist. If they will assist me I will travel up there tomorrow. R.H