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By Margaret Gill 30 August 2017

I have found the documents on cohabitation very helpful in organising my thoughts and actions around preparing an opt out agreement for my son and his very new partner.

Their situation is complex so using the document in the form it arrived could only be a guide, but a very valuable one.

By Sandy H 03 April 2017

Was relatively easy to read and understand. Everything that needed to be covered was. Is the cheapest and easiest option if on a budget

By Angela Heath 07 December 2016

Super easy to use and covered just about all situations.
The cost of using a lawyer was prohibitive, this way we have something in writing which covers our situation and we didn't have to create our own document where we could have missed something.

I just needed to add into the Death section, should he unfortunately die, the right to remain living in my partners house, should I choose to, for either a maximum of 2 years or until my death (my partner hasn't confirmed which yet!) . This is to protect me from having to vacate our home should the benefactors of his current will want to sell it.

I would recommend using Net Lawman.

By Jayne Thornley 24 June 2016

It was in a language that we could understand, it was simple to use and took all the complexity out of it for an extremely reasonable price. Our needs where very simple we didn't have a complex situation to put into an agreement but the quotes we received from lawyers to complete this for us where huge.

Thank you for taking the "stress" out of this process and making it so easy.

By Mike Horlor 07 September 2016

I'd used a similar service several years ago and found it to be quick and efficient. So I had realistic expectations of the speed of delivery and quality of product.

By Arthur Cronwright 10 October 2015

Was easy to find your site and search for the document I needed with a wee refined search. I decided to buy from your site because it was the only site that seemed to have the documents available for an online download which made it convenient.

By Vanessa Downing 31 May 2013

Your service was excellent. I received the document moments after I purchased it.
I was concerned about the safety of the payment as I am in another country on the other side of the world but this appears to have been a secure transaction just as your website advised. I will recommend Net Lawman documents and may use them again myself.
Many thanks