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By Lynda Wheeler 04 January 2019

Comprehensive, clear inxtructions, easy to complete.

By David GERRARD 16 December 2018

Was an excellent document to have as a starting point. Easy to understand.

By Chris Broadbent 13 December 2018

Easy and quick, there were good guide notes but didn’t need them as the template was self explanatory.

By LAURA CUMMING 14 August 2018

Easy to locate, clear to find the document I needed. Fast transaction and the document was emailed straight away. Simple, fast and stress-free service, thank you.

By Wayne Deeming 17 May 2018

I bought this document on behalf of a third party and have helped them with completing it.
This is a document which is easy to read and understand and is great value for money. It is accompanied by full instructions; both general instructions in understanding and filling out the templates and notes specific to the content of the document and the options that it offers.
It is comprehensive and enables information to be organised and presented clearly. The 'after sales service' is excellent with an offer to read over a few small changes that we needed to make.
All in all, a comprehensive and well presented and supported service.

By Helen Regas 12 April 2017

Had all the information needed and easy to add or delete sections we didn't require. Bought this on behalf of a friend who found it on the internet. I just helped them negotiate what they needed and they were very pleased with the document and outcome, made things so much easier.

By Helen Percival 10 March 2017

Excellent, well explained and simple to adjust document. Good to know it comes from trustworthy legal source.
This document bridged the gap between nothing and calling in the lawyers (very expensive option) for us. It was easy to adapt to our needs and as we simply wanted it witnesssed rather than explained by separate lawyers we changed the signing page to be witnessed by a JP. Whilst this may have reduced its formal legality, it suits our non-acrimonious needs adequately and has worked well for us.
Thank you.

By Fiona McClure 27 October 2016

My lawyer quoted in the thousands to do a document, instead I downloaded your template. Excellent guidance notes thank you, made it easy to only include relevant paragraphs for my own situation.
Thank you!

By John Peter Watson 05 June 2016

Document was clear
Response to request was prompt
Charge was very reasonable
Hopefully I will get the desired result!!

By Larissa Thyne 14 February 2016

The document covered all the basics and has provided a good base to start with. There are sections for all the main areas, it is easy to remove the sections that do not apply.

By Minette Soekoe 15 July 2015

The document was immediately available and easy to download.

By Dave Mainwaring 12 April 2015

Well worth the money - gave some strait forward guidance in an area most of us hopefully can stay away from.

By Mike Grumball 15 February 2015

It was very easy to use the service and get the document I required. I would certainly recommend the service to others.

By John Hookway 17 December 2013

It seems good and covers everything OK, simple and easy to use, well worth the price.

By Fiona Sutherland 02 May 2019

Great amount of information that covers all basis. Did get some feedback from a lawyer that it was one sided but that might of been the way we completed it. Would use your website and services again and would recommend to others.

By David Burke Kennedy 14 January 2019

The template was well prepared, informative and helpful.

By Alastair Horsfield 21 August 2018

Good document. Corrected some formatting (capitals etc). I found this very helpful in finalising my arrangements.

By Tevita Lauti Vainga 18 July 2018

just had too much paperwork most didn't need filling. But overall will good and five stars from me :)

By Barry Baker 03 April 2017

It was very easy to use and the various options were well set out and easily enabled me to delete the bits I did not need and the numbering reset itself.

It enabled me as informed but non-solicitor to draft the document for review without incurring that mundane cost.

By Jamie Taplin 23 February 2017

Easy to follow and great information

By David Gould 19 October 2016

This has helped us where a lot of the questions were asked in advance so with regards to the solicitor it sped up the meaning we required the document for.
Different lawyers had a different response based off their preferred method of working. But this was about us, and as long as the document was legally sound we were happy.

By Gary Fowler 27 January 2016

I found it easy to understand and follow

By Ray Renner 23 December 2015

"I think it covers all of the bases well. It could be improved possibly by providing example tables for assets etc.

In the section where it talks about the net capital payment, It wasn't clear whether the payment was inclusive of property or just other assets, financial and business assets. I assumed it was for both and itemized two amounts to make this clear.

On financial assets it might pay to make it clearer what this entails. Again I made an assumption that this included financial liabilities that were not tagged to a specific asset e.g. credit card debt. Again an example table would help clarify this.

All in all though, your document gave me the basic format needed and hopefully it will pass the respective solicitors scrutiny and the two people involved can move on with their lives."

Net Lawman responds 04 January 2016

Although we have now made very slight changes to this document in response to your suggestions, we have to look primarily at what would matter if your case came before a judge. The law is not concerned to break down credit card debt between items of expenditure, but of course the parties may bear that in mind when they decide how to divide the assets.

By Trevor Stone 22 September 2015

The NetLawman documents have made it much easier to follow and customize a format for obtaining a separation. thankyou.

By Richard Gray 03 June 2015

The document was comprehensive and easy to follow. I needed a draft to get agreement with the ex before we went to our lawyers, and net lawman did the job.
Rick - Auckland