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By Syed Mohiuddin 22 May 2020

Easy to understand. Your notes at the end of each document are very helpful. The highlighted text needing extra attention makes life easier. Thanks, Syed Mohiuddin

By Xebra Accounting Limited 18 May 2020

Easy to find, fitted our need with ease. Great price and will use Net Lawman again when the need arises. Great work Guys

By Lisa Cook 14 June 2017

Great , exactly what we needed.

By Stuart Williamson 08 February 2016

Met a need we had without any hassles.

By Russell Smith 15 November 2015


By Nicole Wilson 07 September 2015

Easy to understand and use; applicable to NZ which is what I was looking for. Reasonable price. The notes at the end of the form were very helpful for making the changes needed to customize the form. It has certainly saved me time and money.

By Alastair Gray 11 January 2015

I thought the price was very reasonable and the associated notes taking us through the form were a great help.
Some web sites are not run by lawyers and I was happy to find you. Forms were written by lawyers.Price initially was reason we purchased.
Most important feature of the documents was the level of ease in adapting it to us requirements. For instance we wanted it to cover both our operation in NZ and Australia.
Quickly got our website up and running without waiting on a law firm to get back to us during a time they all go on holiday.We would recommend you because of price and ease of use.

By Robbie Dellow 22 May 2020

Overall the document is great, and good value, and does cover off everything I can think of.

By Jayne Lawson 01 October 2014

Hi, your website was easy to use and the price was right. I nearly purchased from a competitor but it was $85 for the same thing, although it had more tailored information regarding NZ legislation rather than your document that referred to generic laws pertaining to that region / country.

Net Lawman responds 06 November 2014

Thank you for pointing this out. We are assessing the NZ law you referred to and if we need to edit the document we shall do so immediately.