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By John 22 May 2020

Simple easy download. The document is easy to manipulate and certainly worth the money to have the confidence you are covering all legal and statutory bases. Would definitely recommend and use again as needed. Thanks!

By Pamela Rattray 01 October 2018

Quick response, plenty of extra info/ instructions to follow. Will use again.

By Rajendra Chaudhry 02 July 2018


By Richard Brooks 29 April 2018

Very clear and instructive.

By Trudy Talbot 13 July 2017

Easy document to adapt and it was available to me immediately. I completed it and sent it to our debtor advising that if the debt wasn't paid within x time that the demand would be served. I received payment the next day. It was worth spending $19 to recover $32,000 over night. Great outcome for us. Thank you. Yes, I would recommend you and I would use you again.

By Verne Burmester 13 August 2015

The information was really informative and gave us options that were relevant to the situation.

By Monique Campbell 29 March 2015

The form contained enough information for me to draft and send a Statutory demand. It also explained the process clearly so there was no confusion.

By Douglas Majors 08 June 2014

The document was very easy to understand, gave me the options of placing my own words to suit my particular situation but still left the same impact as if my Lawyer had written it.I was hesitant at first, thinking that it would only suit certain situations in an "American Court" but my fears were allayed as soon as I read the documents. So easy to change to suit any country.
The cost savings are obvious and the quality is just as, if not better, than that of paying hundreds of dollars to a Lawyer to write the same thing.I am highly impressed and will gladly recommend this service in future.

By ROBERT MCGREGOR 14 April 2014

I received excellent service and found the document provided exactly what i was requiring.

By Shane Hollis 17 August 2013

We were looking for a Statutory Demand, bought the document from Net lawman and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did we get the document we got a covering letter, a follow up letter if paid, a letter for if not paid and advice on how to use it. Well worth the money - certainly saved me a lot of time making this very cost effective.

By Robyn Wilson 22 November 2015


Pleased to find such a site ; certainly will look again.


By Keith Jackson 16 July 2015

The document was of good quality and well supported with applicable options and instructions.

I actuallay completed the doc and forwarded to our solicitor because I was unsure of other requirements associated with the demand. Its a lot of money involved so being wise takes priority.

By Linda Washington 31 March 2014

We needed a better way of getting bad debtors to pay and this was a good path to follow. Template was clear and concise and easy to follow. We chose to use Net Lawman because others who had used it gave good reviews.

By Jean Koay 13 January 2014

Good value for money. Included was template cover letter, statutory demand, statement of claim and some instructions. It would have been helpful if they also included info on how to lodge the statement of claim with the courts if the customer does not pay on receiving the statuary demand.

Net Lawman responds 19 February 2014

We will consider what more we can do. Our problem however, is that if debtor fails to pay, you become involved in a court process. We are prevented by law from advising or acting for you in that. Simple, but annoying for all of us.

By Darren Arnold 03 May 2013

Well worth the price, demand served on client who immediately paid the outstanding debt.

By Patrick Kennedy 02 July 2013

Better than i thought it might be, i did benefit as i sent my debtor the 289 notice and hey presto the debtor paid!-yes I would recommend it.