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By Vicky White 31 July 2016

Had excellent feedback on clauses in agreement from client who wished he'd had some of those clauses in a prior agreement that "bit him".

By Mike Rask 21 March 2016

it was easy and quick. I had no real concerns. You site was recommend to me from a friend. I would recommend Net Lawman to others.

By David Appleton 18 July 2015

The template was very easy for the lay person to use along with the very good notes to follow. I have been searching for a couple of weeks on and off and finally again found your documents via Google and opened your website document. I was uncertain even though I looked at the sample however finally decided to download it and was very surprised how easy to use it was to use. It enabled me to provide this small new company with a simple but effective shareholders agreement.

I would definitely recommend it.

By Nicholas Smith 13 February 2014

Document was very comprehensive and instructions were clear on how to edit and customise. Decided to purchase due to insufficient time to create our own document, and assumed cost saving over using our lawyer to draft a similar document. Will happily use this service again and recommend to others.

By Kevin Vincent 27 July 2013

all good - ease of access excellent.

By Steve McCoy 17 February 2019

Easy to follow and logical document. Notes and guidance package are very helpful.