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By Nick 14 March 2020

Simple and straight to the point. Easily adaptable to ones needed.

By Dennis Pahl 24 November 2019

You cannot, it was very good service.

By Colleen Farr 14 August 2019

I found the power of attorney document concise, accurate, user friendly and exactly what we needed for a general power of attorney.
My biggest concern about using Net Lawman was whether the content would be appropriate to what we needed it for, and it was spot on. It also was not too wordy and confusing as some legal documents can be. Decided to buy from you because it was the only document I could find was easy to read easy to find on the net and good support after purchasing.
The most important feature was it was concise, not complicated.
Have set up a Power of attorney with my son while he is overseas.
Yes I would recommend Net Lawman to others because it is user friendly, affordable and informative.

By Florence Clarke 05 May 2019

HI, I was very happy with the online service it helped me a lot and I would suggest this website to others.

By Tania Gardana 29 August 2018

I bought the POA and was very happy with the document. It covered everything that my relative and I were looking for and needed, many thanks.

By Louise Pattenden 08 February 2018

Urgently needed a tamplate as was overseas and it was instant and comprehensive.

By Jadvyga Rishton 10 December 2017


By Jeremy Gross 04 December 2017

Not overly complex, appeared to be comprehensive however I was never called upon to present these documents so I can't say for sure as they were never tested but still, essential to have a backup in case such a situation may have arisen.

Well explained and well priced. Thanks again!

By Susan Peacock 05 June 2017

I'm a retired lawyer. Your document covered everything I needed.

By Anita Hamilton 24 April 2017

It was a simple template to rewrite with. the explanation document was very helpful to explain. Each paragraph.
My greatest concern was would it hold up in a court of law.
My son is doing his big OE this year so I'm hopeful this will help with any financial issues that might rise whilst he is away.

By Rachel Arthur 08 September 2016

Extremely useful!

By Elizabeth Robertson 04 August 2016

Good service. Sound document. Easy to use. Perhaps some commentary in respect of granting a POA in respect of the donee's role as a trustee of a trust. Cheers

By Trevor Robinson 31 July 2016

The document was required to appoint a POA for a property purchase overseas - ideal for the purpose but removed one clause to keep it simple. Objective accomplished and deal done on Saturday.

By Julie Rippon 05 July 2016

The service was prompt & efficient.

By Stephen Powell 04 July 2016

Easy to find, fitted what I needed and easy to complete.

By Bryce Coad 08 June 2016

It was a simple process to purchase and download this document. The download came with concise instructions on editing, which was a great bonus. Much appreciated, worked well.

By Jane Hurley 14 December 2015

Easy to find, perfect documentation for what we required.

By Bruce Arbuckle 31 August 2015

Get service and a easy to use document

By Elaine Irvine 12 July 2015

Sometimes you just don't think that you can justify all the performance of having a solicitor undertake a basis service (along with the associated cost attached) So imaging how thrilled and easy it is to use Net Lawman. Would highly recommend as pertinent and easy to use.

By Amira Bland 28 March 2015

By Cathy Shumane 04 March 2015

Excellent piece of documentation.
You should prompt your offering better so people don't need to waste money on lawyers for minor cases.

By Brendon Bates 09 September 2014

I purchased the ordinary PoA document which was exactly what was required. I would recommend this document but also suggest that anyone making use of it should confirm (in writing if possible) what additional documents should accompany it. I was dealing primarily with the ANZ bank who proved to be obstructive to the point where I was forced to threaten filing a dispute with the Banking Ombudsman.

By Colin Fraser 28 April 2014

Very satisfactory.

By Mark McGhie 10 September 2019

Did the job- clear, concise and understandable- very good. Initial Concern whether document would be legally valid if challenged at court- but on reading would seem OK. Would purchase further documents and recommend to others.

By Vincent Philpott 28 August 2018

No improvements suggested. the document was fit for purpose and instils confidence to users as it looks and feels like an official legal document.