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By Patricia 06 June 2022

Simple and easy to follow.

I have passed your address to a friend on that basis.

By Koos Theron 04 November 2021

By David 06 September 2021

Excellent service

By Vicki Rangiuia 09 August 2021

The Documents were concise and relevant to what I wanted

By Gregg 03 January 2021

Great service and product. Certainly more detailed than we expected. A bit too difficult to understand in some parts for us oldies, especially as to what is actually required and what could be left out. But we managed to get everything sorted with a bit of help from a legal friend.

By Lulu Brider 22 November 2021

A great document, a little wordy but necessary to ensure the legal components were covered.

By Mike 14 December 2020

Only difficulty I had was being a computer idiot and trying to work out what to delete and what to insert! Otherwise pretty straightforward.