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By James Mander 10 June 2018

Great agreement from what I can tell, that is my only concern. I have to amend the document to suit the specifics of my application but I do not now know if it is a legally binding document now. To have Netlawman review my changes is to expensive I feel so I will accept the changes I have made. Covers all the specifics and is sufficiently granular enough in details.

Net Lawman responds 14 September 2018

The review service is still a fraction of the cost that a local solicitor would charge to look at the document, let alone write it for you. Our solicitors have written the template, so it is likely that your edited version will be legally binding unless you have changed some part of the agreement dramatically. Our notes tell you which parts of the document you shouldn't edit (there are only a few of them). The rest (the majority) of the paragraphs are commercial matters, not legal points, so should be fine.