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By Sue Drought 29 November 2019

Great doc for me. easy to get and cheap, easy to edit. Thankyou.

By Liz Schoff 07 November 2017

The website made searching easy for the document I wanted and the process of making my purchase was also simple.

By Tianping Cai 15 February 2019

Really like that it is short and sweet, and it is written by a lawyer so it assure us that the legal document is valid. It does the job well, and we will definitely recommend to others.

Even though it is written in simple launguave, but still quite a lot of clauses are in law language which we are not sure if it overs exactly the situation, such as the licensee can’t sublet the carpark.

What could be also added to the contract is Bond amount, the first payment includes bond and x week in advance, norminated bank account for payments, licensor and licensee details including email, phone number, identification proof of licensee, etc.

Net Lawman responds 15 February 2019

We avoid using legal jargon wherever we can. If we believe that a word is in everyday use, then we might use it if it is the most suitable word. "Sublet" is an example of this.

If you add a bond amount, it could help suggest that the arrangement is a lease, not a licence. That is why there is no bond in the document - because having one might disadvantage you when it comes to ending the arrangement.

The need to have a bond for a car parking space can be overcome by having the licensee pay in advance.

The other information you suggest that could be in the contract such as telephone numbers could be given alongside the contract. However, this information doesn't form part of the contractual terms and so technically, it is better to leave it out of the contract.