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By Wendy 26 July 2020

Document was just what we required. Very pleased.

By Suzanne Taylor 25 July 2020

The site was easy to use and charging schedules very clear - other sites appear to be "free" but then you cannot proceed without loading a credit card for ongoing charges which is somewhat misleading. I was happy to pay the clearly stated one off fee and then had the ability to customise the contract which in itself was simple but extremely effective and a great help for our situation.
I would definitely use this service again and recommend to others.

By Tammy 12 May 2020

Was exactly what I needed at a reasonable cost which is often times a road block to formerly documenting arrangements that do not require the use of a lawyer at a cost of $250+ per hour. Allows average people to have a paper trail and clear simple agreement between parties.
I will definitely come to this website as my first point of call in the future.

By Donald Hunter 06 August 2019

Very helpful. The document enabled me to do what was intended. One thought : I stated the sum loaned in figures, if I was doing it again I would state the sum in both words and figures,

Don Hunter

By Steve Haines 20 May 2019

Needed a "user friendly" simple document to help lay out a loan to a family member. This "filled the bill" perfectly !!

By Jasmin Wilkins 13 January 2019

Very easy to use and a good spark for the neccessary conversation.... how much, for what purpose, to be repaid when :-)

By Pete Downing 01 October 2018

The document is simple, straight forward and leaves no doubt as to the intent of the agreement.

By Diana and Peter Schofield 25 April 2018

It was simple, clear , cost effective, easy to edit to suit circumstances. I would definitely use your site again. The offer to review was appreciated however not required for this contract. Thanks

By Mark Bevin 31 January 2018

This was a big help to creating a meaningful agreement between brother and sister and identifying things needing robust discussion and then writing down. Having a template is so helpful, knowing that it is backed by experience and knowledge, and then having the excellent explanatory notes were all pluses.

By Maureen Wempe 17 August 2017

This was so easy. The loan document was exactly as described. I found the descriptions were really useful, especially in explaining the reason for witnesses not being required, which I was able to show to everyone. The price was great and the peace of mind for everyone was worth far more than the document cost. Thank you so much.

By Shane Passfield-Bagley 14 February 2017

As this was my first experience using this type of service, i didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with the simple yet complete structure of the form. This service has saved me countless hours and headaches by ensuring i have a leg to stand on legally, should the agreement be encroached on. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who requires the appropriate information/services.

By Simon Eaton 28 November 2016

Simple, straightforward, clear notes, met my needs perfectly.

By Neil Bennett 20 January 2016

Exactly what I needed - something simple - very cost effective and fit for purpose

By Theresa Markham 23 June 2015

Very fast response once I had paid the fee for the document.
Easy enough to open and read. Nice clear print and set out clearly for non-legal experienced people (like myself) to navigate. - That was my biggest concern!
Good options to remove or personalise clauses as needed.
Yes would recommend this service to others

By Carole Carter 01 April 2019

We used the loan agreement to cover a gift with some conditions for a family member. Your document and guide were very useful. We were able to modify the document to our needs.
I would definitely recommend Net Lawman to others.

By Hayley Browne 27 November 2018


By Andrew Raynes 17 June 2018

The document was good for our needs and has been used to create the document used for our situation.

Had not heard of Net lawman before some concern re validity and appropriateness of documents.

Price was very acceptable but bought because document fulfilled our requirements and was relatively straightforward and clear also easy to modify to our details.

Happy to now recommend to others as met our needs, relatively simple clear document and easy to use.

By Kea Josiah 17 December 2017

Easy, hassle free purchasing and editing of doc. I think it is pretty good value for money. We have not used ours to complete a loan agreement, but I would recommend these products for someone needing an agreement that they are confident will have a good variety of areas covered.

By Philip Evans 06 February 2017

Although we have not finished using the agreement yet it seems very good and covers all points with a New Zealand law focus. The easy ability to add and remove items as required is an advantage also.
Service was good and the price for the document very good. If there is any comment to make is that the review price for this document is a bit steep at $218.00. It is not very big and is just a private (for us anyway) agreement.
Were the price been more reasonable then we might avail ourselves of it.

By Allan Evans 13 March 2016

Needed a suitable agreement. That one did the trick. Hassle free service.

By Amanda Gordon 12 November 2015

excellent service

By Brian Yates 11 August 2015

Good service and the document suited my needs well. It wasn't exactly what I was after, but I was able to easily make they required changes.

By Bruce Crawford 25 May 2015

I covers exactly what we needed it to