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By Bill Bedford 23 July 2018

by Bill Bedford. I found the Contract to be very understanable for both the Client and the Builder, I will certainly use it and would have no hesitation in recomending it to anyone.
Having been a Builder for the last fifty odd years I have seen a vast amount of Contracts that talk a lot of dribble and confuse both parties. i would give it 5 stars

By Paul Libby 14 September 2016

It is easy to understand and had everything that we needed.Also it is affordable.The service was great and we will have no hesitation using Net Lawman again.

By Gillian Allen 01 November 2015

I did not have any concerns using Net Lawman. It gave me what I was looking for and most importantly easy to understand to both parties of a contract.

I would definitely recommend Net Lawman for the reasons stated. Also, cost wise.........affordable.

By Johnny Taione 10 August 2015

Short enough yet cover both my company and the builder. Will seek contracts in the future from net law.

Highly recommended.

Johnny Taione

By Craig McConnell 24 June 2015

My biggest concern with using Net Lawman was the document I downloaded was not applicable or written in a way I couldn't understand. The document I choose was completely the opposite. It was long enough to cover all the basic points I required, very clearly marked as to where input was required and or removed. We used the completed document and it has been accepted as the contract we will proceed our build with. Highly recommend this service and the products available.

By Tracy ONeil 23 July 2018

It was easy to download and the price made it affordable. The document was easy to read and provided good ideas as to what to put in or leave out which was what we needed. As this is our first time using such a document it would have been helpful to know what a 'Specification' looked like - maybe an example of a building 'Specification' to give us a better ideas as to what to put in it. I would recommend the site to others.

By David Trim 30 May 2016

I was wanting more precise trading terms rather than contract of engagement.

Net Lawman responds 13 June 2016

The document you chose is a simple version. We have now given you a more comprehensive document which should suit you.