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By Frank Weterman 21 December 2020

The document provided a good breadth of potential issues without being weighed down in legal jargon. It was easy to explain to users/business owners what each of the terms related to, and to eliminate those which did not apply.

By Harpal Kler 21 October 2019

It covered everything I needed but it also raised issues that hadn't occurred to be with regards to the workshop I was renting out. This was my first time with a non-residential lease so it was very helpful. I was able to modify it to meet my needs exactly.

Sorry, I can't think of any recommendations for you. From my point of view it was a perfect template to start with. Thank you.

By Kim Bulwer 02 April 2019

Found it very easy to down load. Once down loaded also very easy to fill in our details as required. Found all very easy way to obtain required contract.
Price was fair as well.

By Trevor Gardner 29 October 2017

Easy to understand and well priced.

By Scott Archer 04 August 2015

We are still in the negotiation process with the Landlord of the building we want to lease, it has been a much easier to understand due to the use of plain language which concentrates the intention of a clause to its essence and in one sentence tells you the same as four in the standard legal lease e.g. You will pay the rent one month in advance

By Martin Jones 15 April 2018

Basically, it was fine.