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By Alice Shopland 30 November 2018

Very easy to understand and to work with.

By Gregor Shubel 19 May 2017

Great Service thank you for prompt evaluation and reply.

By Paul Soncodi 18 March 2017

Great product Easy to follow. Easy to adjust Well worth it.

By Sally Goyat 19 September 2016

I received very prompt, friendly and polite customer service after I emailed through a few queries before purchasing. The document was good and the notes were great, not too simple but not too complex, and in non-technical language - just what I needed. Overall an excellent customer service experience.

By Andrea Steinberg 13 November 2017

I needed a loan agreement document in a hurry and my lawyer was unavailable.
I took a chance at the cost, I was prepared to throw it away if the document was unsuitable, and was happily surprised to find it was most suitable and that I was able to complete and execute it myself. It was very logical, easy to follow and easy to execute.