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By Elwyn Vela 27 April 2018

It was exactly what I needed and the information and set out was perfect. Thanks.

By Vera Kocon 01 April 2018

You provided me exactly with the Papers i needed. It was easy to fill out - excellent explainations, very clear and simple. We will come back to your webside in the future. I think you did great. Wouldn't know what to improve. Thanks . Kind regards. vera

By Megan Waitai 13 March 2018

It was an easy to understand contract that I was able to use for a family arrangement and make is customised to my needs

By Keile Collins 03 September 2017

Excellent guide, very professional and timely delivery. Made my paperwork very simple. Thanks

By Steve Shepherd 23 February 2015

The documents were ear and easy to edit. There were good explanations at the end. Fast service and really helpful. Pride was excellent value. If you want a lower cost approach to setting up good agreements then use these docs.

By Philippa Wadsworth 13 September 2014

A great document. We needed an agreement immediately, between my daughter and I, as we were lending her money for a house deposit. We were able to amend and delete parts to suit quickly and easily to suit in a few minutes and print it off. We saved the original and the amended version.

By Martin Welford 26 June 2014

Great Service.

By I A and MA Drnasin 01 June 2014

This is an ideal document to use for an unsecured loan acknowledgement and to cover basic expectations between both lender and borrower. The original document as purchased was easy to alter and modify the text to suit our situation and omit irrelevant clauses where applicable. The $29 price was very reasonable considering the time saved had I instead started with a blank piece of paper. Recommended easy to use service.

By Ronan Grew 17 July 2016

Haven't really had time yet to review document but it looks good.