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By Ecokiwi, Marahau Orchard 14 August 2020

Very comprehensive, an excellent template to develop a farm lease document.

By Stephen Laing 19 August 2013

My concern was mainly if the lease conformed to the law. I am a real estate agent selling house and have not had experience in leasing. I liked what you explained on your site.The doc was easy to read and understand.It will save our family money in using your service.
I would recommend your service it is easy to use and understand and priced well.

Net Lawman responds 19 August 2013

yes, we assure you that the documents we sell are drawn according to the laws required for the particular document under the New Zealand law.

By John Robinson 03 October 2019

The document was just what I needed,no improvement need I just score hard

By Grant Hammond 02 September 2019

Some formatting issue in document, but easily resolved