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By Becky Corlett 11 August 2017

An excellent agreement to use for basic transactions. Easy enough to insert or delete paragraphs and conditions as necessary. Highly recommended and very affordable. Great piece of mind. Will definitely recommend to others.

By John Deane 25 February 2017

The service proved to be exactly as promised. I had written my own agreement from scratch then found your service. I didn't use your template directly as I had already structured mine to accommodate a specific timing circumstances of our intended transaction. The benefits of your service were:
- confirmation that the matters I had thought of and addressed were satisfactory
- several additional matters from the template that I hadn't considered
- confirmation that the tone of my document was appropriate
- simplified my language further
- correct definitions of terms
It gave me great confidence that my document would serve the purpose I intended, would manage the risks and would 'stand up' if things went pear shaped.

By Clare Veltman 09 November 2015

I was looking to buy an expensive horse ($10,000), and felt I needed some ground rules about quality of information from the vendor. I googled, thinking I'd find magazine articles or general advice and was blown away to find a pro-forma invoice for a New Zealand situation.
I found it easy to customize and the definitions just great. I made two copies and went off to view the horse feeling more confident about expectations I was "allowed" to have if the vendor was prepared to sign the contract.
As it happens I didn't buy the horse but I will certainly use the contract when I eventually find one. I want to compliment you on a stunning service, which I simply stumbled upon. Thank you.

By Robert Donaldson 31 January 2014

First class!