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Product ID: NZ-CPptn01

Partnership agreement

(12 customer reviews)

A comprehensive partnership agreement suitable for a business in any industry and with any number of partners. Covering a large number of practical, commercial and administrative points, it allows you to amend the default provisions of the Partnership Act and also provides additional terms relevant to how a modern day business operates. Use it not only to protect your legal rights but also to set out how you want your partnership to work.

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Product ID: NZ-CPptn08

Limited partnership agreement

(2 customer reviews)

Professionally drawn agreement to set up a partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act 2008. This form of agreement is used most commonly for high risk ventures in property, finance, mining or research, where one or more partners is a limited company. A limited partnership enables a single partner to carry the liability. There is minimal requirement for registration or submission of returns. Secrecy can be maintained. The general partner who is at risk may have few assets.

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Product ID: NZ-CPptn05

Family partnership agreement

(4 customer reviews)

Ideal for family businesses or groups of friends working together, this partnership agreement provides a good framework for setting out how the business will be run. It is slightly less formal than our standard partnership agreement, but still includes the provisions small businesses need.

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Product ID: NZ-CPptn09

Admission of new partner agreement

Not yet reviewed

Essential document to admit a new partner into any partnership.

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Product ID: NZ-CPptn02

Partnership dissolution agreement

(1 customer review)

A simple partnership dissolution agreement, professionally drawn as a framework for the partners to dissolve their partnership. Covering practical, commercial and administrative points, it can be used for partnerships of any size and in any industry.

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Price NZ$39.00
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