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A simple last will and testament that allows you to leave specific gifts of money and personal possessions and then the remainder to someone else, or to a charity, or shared between a group of people such as your children.

For example, you may be:

  • married, leaving small gifts to family members and the remainder to a husband, wife or partner, or
  • a parent who wants to leave assets to a spouse or partner and children
  • widowed, leaving all assets to an adult son or daughter, or
  • single, and leaving all assets to a family member or a co-habiting partner

The template contains a "gift over" provision that allows you to nominate someone else to receive the remainder of estate if your first choice dies before you.

It also contains guardianship provisions that set out who should have parental responsibility for young children under the age of majority.

The document is simple to understand and simple to prepare and sign.

We include extensive guidance notes, explaining clearly how to edit the document and how to sign the will correctly.

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