Horse sale agreements

Buying a horse is a risky activity. Even though a vet's certificate reduces some risk that the horse is unsound, behavioural problems and long term conditions often only show down the line. The only way to pass that risk back to the seller is to use horse sale agreements that include warranties. Our agreements include a large menu of warranties (as well as recording the deal) from which you can choose the ones most important to you.


    Horse sale agreement: buyer's version

    9 Reviews

    This agreement is a simple way to protect yourself as a buyer of a horse or pony. It is very hard to ascertain whether a horse has any problems or vices at a viewing, even when a vet has assessed the horse's medical condition. By using this sale agreement, you obtain the seller's promise (warranty) that there are no undisclosed problems. If there subsequently turn out to be, then it is the seller who becomes responsible for them, not you. Using this document could not only save you thousands of dollars but also much anguish over dealing with a horse that you cannot ride.

    Horse sale agreement: seller's version

    3 Reviews

    This is a version of our horse sale agreement tailored for sellers rather than buyers. When buying a horse or pony, the buyer takes most risk in whether the horse is sound. A sale agreement therefore usually rebalances the risk back to the seller. This version is slightly different in that it protects the buyer slightly less and includes provisions that favour the seller rather than the buyer. If you are the seller, you are more likely to be better off presenting your own terms, rather than accepting those of the buyer.

    Horse sale agreement: high value transaction

    2 Reviews

    This horse sale contract gives the buyer a great deal of protection if the horse is medically unsound or if the condition is not as the seller described. It is impossible to test everything that might be wrong at a viewing - your new horse might behave perfectly in the seller's arena, but might be impossible to handle at events. This agreement won't prevent those problems, but it will ensure you can seek compensation. If there is a lot at stake (financial or otherwise), a comprehensive agreement like this one is a must.

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    What customers thought
    Highly Recommended
    An excellent agreement to use for basic transactions. Easy enough to insert or delete paragraphs and conditions as necessary. Highly recommended and very affordable. Great piece of mind. Will definitely recommend to others.
    Becky Corlett
    Provided Reassurance
    The service proved to be exactly as promised. I had written my own agreement from scratch then found your service. I didn't use your template directly as I had already structured mine to accommodate a specific timing circumstances of our intended transaction. The benefits of your service were:
    - confirmation that the matters I had thought of and addressed were satisfactory
    - several additional matters from the template that I hadn't considered
    - confirmation that the tone of my document was appropriate
    - simplified my language further
    - correct definitions of terms
    It gave me great confidence that my document would serve the purpose I intended, would manage the risks and would 'stand up' if things went pear shaped.
    John Deane
    Great Service
    I was looking to buy an expensive horse ($10,000), and felt I needed some ground rules about quality of information from the vendor. I googled, thinking I'd find magazine articles or general advice and was blown away to find a pro-forma invoice for a New Zealand situation.
    I found it easy to customize and the definitions just great. I made two copies and went off to view the horse feeling more confident about expectations I was "allowed" to have if the vendor was prepared to sign the contract.
    As it happens I didn't buy the horse but I will certainly use the contract when I eventually find one. I want to compliment you on a stunning service, which I simply stumbled upon. Thank you.
    Clare Veltman
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