Franchise agreements

Franchise agreements are among the longest documents Net Lawman sells. The law relating to franchising is uncomplicated. Instead, it is the commercial arrangements that can be extensive - making the owner-manager one of the best people to complete this type of document. Although we offer a number of alternative documents for different business types, the differences between them are not great, so your choice should be a safe one.


    Franchise agreement: service business

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    This franchise agreement is for a business that predominantly sells a service to the end customer: whether to B2B services such as accountancy, law or provision of water coolers; or to B2C, such as window cleaning, home maintenance, hairdressing, health and fitness sessions or sports classes. The franchisee may also sell goods, such as branded consumables that complement the service.

    Franchise agreement: retail business

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    This franchise agreement is for a business that sells goods. A franchise arrangement would be used instead of a standard sales agreement if the franchisor wishes to retain a level of control over intellectual property (particularly brand), the sales experience or the sales of after sales service. This is an extremely comprehensive template, suitable for a wide range of businesses,which can be crafted for your specific needs.

    Franchise agreement: restaurant, cafe or other food retail

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    This is a franchise agreement for a restaurant, cafe or other food retail business. It is comprehensive enough to be used by the largest multinational restaurant franchises. Smaller businesses will also find it an ideal template from which to craft an agreement that not only protects the rights of the franchisor, but also impresses prospective franchisees. Both the franchisor and the franchisee can be based in the New Zealand or any other country.

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    I am very happy with the document - It was a great base document to start from and I was able to easily change some areas to suit the needs of my business. Net Lawman is a superb service and fantastic value for money. I will definitely recommend to others. C Gold - CAC Electrical Tag Testing
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