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Product ID: NZ-CPcsl05

Company purchase agreement: simple cash deal

This is a simple agreement where payment is in cash.

It has been drawn to protect the buyer’s interests, but a seller could take advantage by submitting an edited version to the buyer.

The warranties are extensive but straightforward.

Within the document there is no provision for real property, conditional payment, withholding of part payment or sale of subsidiaries.

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Product ID: NZ-CPcsl03

Company purchase agreement: cash and shares, part deferred

This document deals with the purchase transaction where the seller gets mixture of cash and shares in the acquiring company.

The transaction may be for any amount.

The document includes a provision for an additional price to be paid if the profit warranted is met in current year. (Note: this is structured as an additional payment rather than retention out of the initial purchase price).

The sale agreement also includes suitable warranties if there are leasehold, freehold or tenanted real property.

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Product ID: NZ-CPcsl01

Company purchase agreement: part payment retention

Use this document template to buy a single company that has no subsidiaries.

The deal gives extra protection to the buyer: part of the payment for the shares is withheld and will be paid later, conditional on profit targets being met.

The document provides the option for the final price to be increased if the first year profit target is met. It also provides extra warranties related to real property.

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Product ID: NZ-CPcsl07

Company sale agreement: group of companies

This is comprehensive agreement for the sale of purchase of a group of companies: two or more companies where one owns over 50% of the share capital of another.

The structure of the group could be simple or complex. You may have a single parent company that directly owns all the other group companies, or there may be a more intricate ownership structure.

The deal is for cash only.

The parent and the subsidiaries could operate in any industry – which could be the same as each other, or varied.

The document includes provisions and warranties if one or more of the companies own real property.

This is an authoritative agreement with additional and different warranties specifically suitable for the purchase of a group.

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