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Product ID: NZ-AGRlse12

Farm lease agreement

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A lease that creates a farm lease under Part 4 of the Property Law Act 2007. Suitable for terms between 6 months and 60 years. There is strong protection for the lessor with 62 lessee's covenants, but the lessee is treated fairly.

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Product ID: NZ-AGRlse02

Agricultural lease: private grazing or non-agricultural business use

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This document has been drawn as a grazing lease, for letting fields (that may have buildings on them such as stables, barns animal shelters or other outbuildings) to private individuals or businesses to keep horses or other animals. The document contains specific provisions to ensure that the land is well maintained by the licensee. It is also flexible enough to be used to let rural land for other purposes, such as recreational riding, a camp site business, or a sports field. It is drawn under the Part 4 of the Property Law Act 2007 Licensor and Licensee, and therefore is unsuitable if the land is to be used for "agricultural" purposes.

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