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This website privacy policy is a comprehensive document that can be adapted for use on any site, whether you are trading online, offline or just providing information. As well as helping you to comply with the law, this policy will communicate to site users that you take their privacy seriously.
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About this website privacy policy

This is a model website privacy policy. It is written in plain language that is visitor-friendly. We have provided a large menu of paragraphs so that you can easily tailor the policy to suit the exact structure of your business and website.

Although this document cannot magically absolve you from the risk of data mismanagement, it is a giant first step. Informing your visitors and customers (and other parties) about the data you collect about them is a requirement. A privacy policy is a simple way to comply, but a good privacy policy goes further. It is prime evidence to everyone with whom you deal that you take confidentiality seriously. That can help increase the trust that visitors and customers have in your business and boost their confidence in using your services or buying from you.

When to use this website privacy policy

If you have a website, regardless of whether you are trading from it, it is highly likely that you will be collecting information about your customers in some way, even if you don’t use the information. A common example of information collection that is covered by the law is anonymous visitor tracking. If you use Google Analytics, weblogs or any similar software, your privacy policy will need to disclose this. Compliance with data protection legislation is critical, and your customers will expect to be assured that the data you collect is kept safe.

The law in this privacy policy

In order to provide our customers with the greatest possible level of compliance, the Net Lawman website privacy policy follows the guidance as closely as possible, expanding with greater detail in areas that are less clear.

This document is drafted according to data protection legislation in New Zealand, including the twelve information privacy principles of the Privacy Act, which deal with the collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information. The Privacy Act also grants the right for individuals to access their personal information, and to request corrections. Note that having a privacy notice is just part of the requirements for compliance with the data protection laws.

Privacy policy features and contents

Your privacy policy should reflect the way in which your organisation collects and uses data. This will change between organisations enough to make each privacy policy unique, but with common elements that can be covered with standardised statements. In short, you will need to edit your privacy policy to reflect how your website and organisation operates, but we have done much of the legwork for you to make this an easy process.

There are 29 paragraphs in the document. In places we have provided a number of possibilities, where you choose the most appropriate from the menu and delete the others. In other places, we have provided ideas and the most common scenarios, but the policy may require a little customisation to fully reflect your business.

The policy is drawn around:

  • compliance with the Privacy Act 2020;
  • reminding you how to avoid contravening New Zealand law;
  • providing re-assurance to your customers or clients;
  • maintaining a professional but friendly image.

The contents of the document cover:

  • categorisation of different types of information and how you use them;
  • how you collect, use and store financial information;
  • information security and data retention;
  • fraud prevention;
  • cookies;
  • collection of information by other means (such as telephone calls and e-mails);
  • complaints;
  • compliance with the law and disclosure to government;
  • processing data outside of New Zealand;
  • review, removal and update of collected data;
  • third party advertising;
  • the use of the site by children.
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05 August 2023
Easy to use document. Efficient service delivery.
Andre Steyn
Review of the South African version
05 February 2023
I rarely write reviews, but I’ve been trying to work out how to write a Privacy Policy for my small company for months, without success. Templates on the Internet were useless for the most part, as it’s a long-winded statement that had me tied up in knots – I’d no idea how to legally rewrite the template to satisfy my business requirements, and a lot of companies expected you to sign up or pay for the download.

I can’t thank Net Lawman enough, as they not only provided a FREE download without asking for payment or credit card details (just email address), but they also provided 15 pages of explanatory notes, which are worth their weight in gold. Each paragraph is broken down and explained in such a way that even someone like me, with no real business acumen, can understand. They even offer a discounted service (£80) to have it checked by them after you’ve done it, which had I the finances, I would have gratefully accepted. As it is, after months of pulling my hair out, I now have an acceptable Privacy Policy.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, as it’s genuinely free with no catches, so I definitely endorse.
Jac Smith
Review of the United Kingdom version
02 February 2023
Great Service
First by offering a free template and then revise the template for a small fee.
Christian Samuelsson
Review of the United Kingdom version
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