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Official statutory demand forms, examples and notes. Simple and effective debt collecting device.
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About this document

If you issue a statutory demand, you can follow it up 21 days later with a winding up petition. There is nothing, but nothing that concentrates someone’s mind more than prospective wipe out. Of course, if you have done your homework, you never need to issue the petition.

The procedure is very easy to follow. All you need are a couple of forms and a stamp; no solicitors, no court fees.

Who will use this document?

any person or company for use in the recovery of money.

Application and features

  • Statutory demand form issues under section 289 of the Companies Act 1993
  • Explanatory notes on how to complete the form and what to do next
  • Statement of claim to support the demand
  • Example letter to Debtor Company enclosing statutory demand
  • Example letter withdrawing the demand when the debtor pays


  • Template letter and forms
  • Full example text completed in the Net Lawman version to guide you with the wording you might use
  • Drafting notes to help you further
  • Example letter you might send to your debtor with the form
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Recent reviews

Needed Clarification
11 May 2021
Great, really easy to follow and appreciated the sample letters also that came with the download too.

Only improvement for me would be to explain in the notes which court details to add to the SD - I had to look elsewhere to find the answer, as I did not know if it was a court local to me or the company I was sending the SD too - but apart from that, everything was worthwhile. (FYI It needs to be the one closest to the company!)

I feel completely reassured that I have filled in and followed the process, all because of these downloaded guide and templates. Well worth it!
Lisa Mitchell
Review of the United Kingdom version
Precisely met urgent need
14 July 2020
The forms and instructions provided were clear, precise and exactly what I was looking for.

it was the first time I had to issue a stat demand and the forms purchased from Net Lawman were a great help.

Also did the trick in relation to the money owed so very happy overall.
James Farmer
Review of the United Kingdom version
Peace of mind provided
22 May 2020
Simple easy download. The document is easy to manipulate and certainly worth the money to have the confidence you are covering all legal and statutory bases. Would definitely recommend and use again as needed. Thanks!
John Greenberg
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