Equal opportunities and non harassment policy

Comprehensive guidance covering company policy and employee obligations with sexual harassment spelled out. Helps protect you from tribunal claims arising from discrimination and sexual harassment.
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About this document

Sexual harassment is a an increasing work place problem which causes distress to victims, time off work and quite frequently, resignation.

As an employer, you are responsible for what happens in the work place, so no matter how careful you are, a Tribunal case can be lost on account of the activity of some maverick in your organisation. By reminding employee’s of their continuing obligations and putting this policy into practise, you are less likely to face claims against you.

Make sure you incorporate this policy into staff contracts by reference (as in the Net Lawman contract documents) so that employees are bound by the terms of the policy.

You should then apply the policy consistently by issuing reminders and checks where suitable.

Who will use this document?

  • All employers, no matter how large or small

Application and features

  • Comprehensive guidance covering company policy and employee obligations
  • Sexual harassment spelled out in every way, manner and form
  • Helps protect you from tribunal claims arising from discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Educates staff in best practice


  • Full explanation of employee involvement both as employees and as representatives of the company/organisation
  • Definition of discrimination
  • Policy goals
  • Applicability to vacancy advertising
  • Applicability to selection and recruitment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Employee obligations
  • Full explanation of sexual harassment

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current New Zealand law.

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