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This is a lease of an equestrian establishment of any size. Use for a livery yard, training or recovery facilities, or for racing yards. It is suitable for private or business use. It provides for care and maintenance of buildings, plant, facilities and grassland.
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About this document

This is a lease of an equestrian establishment of any size. Use for a livery yard, training facilities or for a racing yard. The agreement provides for care and maintenance of buildings, plant, facilities and grassland.

The facilities could be limited to a single stable block or the most well equipped livery yard complete with indoor school, outdoor arena, other outbuildings and paddocks.

The tenant could be either a private individual, or someone running a livery business.

This agreement has been drawn to include provision for the upkeep of agricultural land and specifically equestrian activities.

The law in this lease

This document creates a lease under the Property Law Act 2007.

When to use this agreement

This lease is likely to be suitable:

  • Whether the property is just a stable block with an adjacent field, or whether it has the most comprehensive set of equestrian facilities;
  • If the tenant will be responsible for maintaining the condition of the land and facilities;
  • If the tenant is not a farmer or anyone who will grow crops or breed animals with a view to sale.

This document does not allow for residential buildings on the land to be let: the tenant (or any employee) should not be allowed to live on site. If you require provisions for letting one of the buildings for residential purposes, use a separate residential lease for that part of the property, or contact us to have suitable provisions included in the facilities lease.

The lease is not suitable if the tenant will breed horses or ponies for commercial reasons (i.e. run a stud). A farm lease agreement should be used in this situation.

Agreement features and contents

This lease is comprehensive and provides alternatives for important choices. It contains 27 provisions and 1 schedule, including:

  • The lease;
  • Rent: amount and frequency, other payments, interest, review;
  • Condition and repair;
  • Tenant’s positive obligations;
  • Restrictions on Tenant;
  • Agricultural provisions;
  • Competitions, vehicles and grassland damage;
  • Signs and advertisements;
  • Goods and vehicles;
  • Default notice by Landlord;
  • Assignment of the lease;
  • Subletting: not allowed;
  • Indemnity: tenant indemnifies landlord;
  • Insurance;
  • Security deposit;
  • Access for Landlord;
  • Guarantor;
  • Provision for premature termination;
  • Forfeiture;
  • Security of tenure excluded;
  • Schedule 1: rights reserved.
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03 December 2019
Easily found on Internet.
Very easy to edit for our specific use while retaining all necessary legal elements.
Follow-up query answered promptly.
Keith Mungham
Review of the United Kingdom version
24 March 2017
As a retired lawyer doing a little consulting for long term clients your service was invaluable in enabling me to provide a required document quickly knowing that it met current legislation. I concur with the comments made by David Herman.
Marion Paviour
Review of the United Kingdom version
04 July 2016
Thank you .I needed the document in a hurry for same day provision to my client and had no other suitable precedent available at short notice .It would have been much more expensive in terms of time to try and create such an agreement from a combination of other documents in my own precedent bank.
If the occasion should arise again I will be pleased to refer to your service.
Review of the United Kingdom version
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